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Bike Tube Journal from 2005. Stitched together from my old bicycle inner tubes. Made in Athens, GA. Traveled (hitch hike, scammed bus tickets, driving with friends) with me from New Orleans to DC, Chicago to Florida, Kansas City to Kentucky and a little more. During this time, I didn’t own a computer, a phone, nothing like that. Here is some of the writing that is in there:

New Orleans is a symphony of car alarms and pelican strutting kids blasting those base lines out of their trunks. I could tell ya but I really couldn’t you see.. you see… I am…

A goner.

New worlds out here in the Gulf of Mexico. We spin around spanish forts on islands that sit like pebbles in the sea. The great unknown. It’s like I’m always at the end of something… for better or greater. 

The foreseeable, the unbelievable.

We keep running into ourselves in Cosmic Bohemia. Aliens are everywhere, some of them got to go home and the others have flavors I like. I usually run into them selling plasma. They got the memo. If you want to be the envy of all your friends, drop out.

Why do all the Greyhound drivers have trusty, dependable names. Willy, Ernest, Ned. These buses are like getting in bed with America. On my first Greyhound ride ever a stripper moving to Nashville feel asleep on my arm with her kid. Prior, we were talking about the changes we were making by riding the bus. I eventually fell asleep.  When I woke she was gone but a note and a bag of chips remained. I wonder if there are two of me now. One that left with her and the one that remained on the ride further south. 

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